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Photo Credit: Michael S. Williamson/Washington Post January 18

A Weekend Story: Waiting Tables

I’ve lived in several neighborhoods in Washington, DC.  I moved to DC from Ohio about 15 years ago in the summer of 1999.  Gave my car to my dad and rented an efficiency apartment in Cleveland Park, right by the Metro. I could get everywhere I needed to go by heading down an escalator to […]

521946_485811048198668_2044750051_n January 14

Twin Roundup!

It’s time to pour the cabernet and pound out another Twin Roundup! This time, with video! So, if you didn’t hear, we were psyched to welcome fellow Twin Ashley, who is also a minister, in her debut on TwintasticWorld to chat about her appreciation of TRANSform Me, with Laverne Cox. And Laverne Cox read the […]

laverne-cox January 12

Let’s Go To Church: Time To Talk Trans With Twins!

It’s time for church and a guest blogger! And time for a topic that has, I will honestly admit, confused me and given me pause in the past. And why is that? For the longest time, I just didn’t get it. It was always the ‘T’ added on to LGBT. It isn’t a sexual orientation–it is […]

NY-5ave-image4-big January 10

The List: Fashion–Unique and Glowing!

It’s Friday! Thank goodness! Time for something lighthearted, enjoyable, and not related to politics! Let’s talk about abortion rights. Kidding! After the New Year, This Twin, Husband and The Child enjoyed a few days away in the Big Apple. We ice skated, wandered around Central Park, I accidentally switched the times of one of our […]

521946_485811048198668_2044750051_n January 08

Twin Roundup: Whales. No Really. Conjoined Twin Whales.

There’s a ton of twin news to catch up on, folks! Not the least of which is about twin whales! But not just any type of twin whales. Conjoined twin whales! Holy smokes! Spotted off the coast of Mexico! These baby twins were the first born in the new year! Mazel! Which is weirder here–the […]

DSCN4371 January 06

And We’re Back!

So, there’s a Polar Vortex sweeping the nation. Let’s warm things up a bit, shall we? A comment was recently posted on the Thursday Throwdown: Republicans Vs. Gays blog post. Let’s take a look: I think I have two points here. First, everyone needs to take a step back and analyze if there is really […]

4pics-1word-answers.com_57149-100-bstl December 31

We Made It To 100! What? Really?

This is the 100th post on The Blog! Looking back on a little over 3 months (!) of writing, I just wanted to take a moment to thank y’all for stopping by and checking out TwintasticWorld.  I didn’t know what form this whole thing would take when I started, and there have been some changes […]

images December 30

Misty Water-Colored Mondays: Happy (Almost) New Year

Oh, New Year’s Eve. That special holiday where the tradition is eating as much shrimp cocktail and deep dish pizza you can eat while sitting on the couch and waiting for Dick Clark (RIP) to drop the ball already. What, just us? Or maybe when you’re 24 years old,  sitting in a house party as […]

DSCN5417 December 29

Let’s Go To Church: A Life Changing Moment

So, these Sunday posts. I call them Let’s Go To Church because, well, they started out as posts about going to church. But they’ve morphed into Sunday posts that have to do with church sometimes, morality sometimes, and sometimes just memories or pontifications. So, now that that disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get […]

Photo from Wonkette.com! December 27

The List: Holiday Spirit

Greetings, everyone!  We hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas, start to Kwanzaa, and are all ready to ring in the New Year!  Let’s take a gander at things we like, have made us smile, and we think you might find interesting. First up, something gay!  Did you hear about the Home Owners Association in Irvine, […]


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